Following years of steep declines, the bird is dwelling at the second-lowest population level ever measured in the state of Oregon. Where do we go from here?

Status quo isn’t working for sage-grouse. Photo: Shannon Phifer

Protecting the wild character of Steens Mountain. Photo: James Parsons

In October 2000, a landmark piece of public lands legislation protected nearly 500,000 acres in southeastern Oregon’s high desert. On the 20th anniversary of the Steens Act, Oregon’s only high desert conservation group shares a vision for the next two decades

Learn these strategies and you’ll soon be able to figure out that this is a Cusick’s penstemon. Photo: Chris Christie

This stretch of the Owyhee River deserves Wild and Scenic status. Photo: Greg Shine

An open letter from an Oregon Desert Trail thru-hiker to her senator

Outstanding opportunities for solitude in the Owyhee Canyonlands could disappear. Photo: Devlin Holloway

Mickey Basin, Oregon. Photo: Jim Davis

Conservation photographers share their advice: knowledge, persistence, patience

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Working to protect, defend and restore Oregon's high desert since 1987

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